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Title: Philip Stonecipher3/5/2015 8:43:17 PM
Hi - I didn't realize what time it was when I placed my order tonight (Thursday). I see that you closed at 9:30pm. Of course, please cancel my order! Thanks.
Title: 3/27/2013 12:00:42 AM
What if you could get a mobile app for FREE to help you get and keep more customers?Imagine being able to text coupons and specials to your customers turning slow nights into busy ones; or make it easier for your customers to reach you by simply clicking one "Click to Call" button on the app whenever they have a big party they want to bring over right away; or What if they could make reservations without ever having to speak to someone there.Imagine being able to have a loyalty program where you reward your best customers with either free or discounted meals after whatever number of visits you set have been made by them, as the app keeps track of everything for you. All this and more can be yours with your own mobile app.Hi. My name is George Cunningham and I run a small marketing firm in Fort Worth, and we have recently added mobile apps as one of the ways we help businesses grow.And I'm looking to build up my app portfolio so we can grow that part of the our business. That's why you're receiving this email. I'd like to do some free work for you in exchange for a testimonial regarding what kind of a job we did, as well as your agreement to let us show your app in our portfolio. In order to make things fair though (and because I can really only work with one Oriental Restaurant in your town), I'm e-mailing all the Oriental Restaurants in your town, and whomever responds first gets the free app. Here's what I'm willing to do to the first person that replies in exchange for a testimonial and authorization to show your app in our portfolio.1) Make you a free Android application for your business, and 2) get your application on the first page of Google Play for Oriental Restaurants in your town.If your phone starts ringing off the hook because of your new app, and you want to keep working with us - that's great! If not, that's completely ok too. Like I mentioned, I'm just doing this to build my portfolio
Title: Menu3/19/2013 11:21:02 AM
Do you have a daily buffet? If I have an expired groupon, may I bring it and apply it to my purchase? Thank you
Title: 2019/1/29 12:22:31
Give your customers the honor of placing their orders via Facebook and your website and build a list of loyal customers with our Marketing and Loyalty Program. Please contact us for additional information. Regards
Title: 2019/1/22 10:54:55
Hi there, Has your team at Asian Top considered Uber Eats? I saw you're on postmates as well, and honestly I'm reaching out specifically because Uber Eats needs more asian cuisine options in Grapevine! If you have a moment, give me a call @ (415) 697-4711 and we can go over details. Like I said, we need more menus like yours so I can probably get you started up for a free trial. Let me know either way, thanks! Alek
Title: 2018/5/11 11:04:01
Is the buffet served all day on Sunday?
Title: 2018/4/8 8:00:45
Hi! Would you consider sponsoring the CHHS cheer squad? Can you send me your email so I can send some info to you?
Title: 2018/4/8 0:49:38
How much is the lunch/ dinner buffet? For 2 adult, 4yr old and 1yr old. What are the hours?
Title: 2018/1/4 12:03:56
Title: 2/9/2015 1:31:40 AM
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